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KM OUTLAW CUTDOWN MC-50 threaded round hole duck call with silver band.

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KM OUTLAW CUTDOWN MC-50X threaded round hole duck call with silver band.

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Black with Silver Band, Ultimate Camo with black band, Flat Black with Red Anodized Band


MC-50, MC-50 X

2 reviews for KM OUTLAW CUTDOWN – MC-50X

  1. The Rifleman

    This call spells death…I love the fact that kirk offeres a round hole……the sound is realistic….it so real sounding its like a duck is sitting on your lap….raspy and crisp….Kirk has top shelf service…..Kirk will stop to help me get more performance out of his calls…no big box store ever did that for me…..I’m a cusromer for life….

  2. Brad Highlander

    Got a MC 50 last year. It’ll reach out there and get their attention! You can really pull ’em out! Great call! Loud and Nasty, you can get low ‘n slutty too! A lot of duck in this call!

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